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White Light Source

● Lamps
Thorlabs' broadband lamps include tungsten-halogen light sources, xenon arc lamps, a deuterium UV light source, plasma light sources, and Globar sources for the mid-IR. Wavelength ranges or corresponding blackbody temperatures are given below.

Stabilized Deuterium UV Light Source
200 - 700nm
Benchtop Light Source
240 - 2400nm
360 - 3800nm
550 - 15um
Plasma Light Source
350 - 800nm

Compact Stabilized Broadband Light Source
Fiber Optic Halogen Illuminator
Quartz Tungsten-Halogen Lamp

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The Mighty Light is a self-contained light source based on a 2-watt tungsten-halogen lamp. Modular bolt-on accessories provide simple collimation or integration into microscopes, wavelength selectors, fibers, and light guides, etc.

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The Mighty Light Plus (MLP) is a broadband light source that provides 10X higher spatial brightness than competitive sources: delivering up to 7 watts of collimated output from a 10 mm diameter flexible light guide. Useful output spans 350 nm to >2500 nm and the low-noise output power is smoothly adjustable from 0-100%. Applications include microscopy, white light interferometry, machine vision, and precision inspection.