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DPSS Laser

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Elforlight Ltd manufactures a range of diode pumped solid state lasers with cutting edge specifications. We offer the following:

• Wavelengths from infrared through visible to ultraviolet

• Powers from 30mW up to 10W

• Single frequency and broadband

• CW, Q-Switched and pulsed systems

We pride ourselves in our flexibility to tailor the product to meet the user’s needs, offering subsystems and value addition. Inspect our products but do not be deterred if you do not find exactly what you require. Let us know the details of your specification and we may be able to suggest a solution.

CW Laser
IR SLM (I4-series) 1064nm
IR High Power (HPI-series) 1342nm
Pulsed Laser
1064nm ≤50uJ 〈2ns, SPOT-series)
≤400uJ 〈4ns, FQS-series)
≤1mJ 〈10ns, FQ-series)
≤10J 〈10ns, FLP-series)
532nm ≤20uJ 〈2ns (SPOT-series)
≤200uJ 〈4ns (FQS-series)
≤3mJ 10ns (FLP-series)
355nm ≤10uJ 〈2ns (SPOT-series)
≤100uJ 〈4ns (FQS-series)
≤200uJ 10ns (FQ-series)
Dye Laser
560 ~ 610nm
3um tunable
1064nm pump laser
Raman Shift
500uJ @ 1197nm
1064nm pump laser

Wuhan Huaray Precision Laser Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of DPSS Lasers, which specializes in R & D and production of all solid-state lasers. The full series of Huaray lasers have fully independent intellectual property rights.

Model Wavelength Pulse durations Output Power Rep. rates Beam quality
Poplar-355-3 355nm <20ns @ 40kHz >3W @40kHz 20kHz-200kHz TEMoo(M2≤1.2)
Poplar-355-5 355nm <18ns @40kHz >5W @40kHz 20kHz-200kHz TEMoo(M2≤1.2)
Poplar-355-12 355nm <15ns @80kHz >12W @80kHz 50kHz-200kHz TEMoo(M2≤1.2)
Poplar-355-18 355nm <15ns @60kHz >18W @60kHz 50kHz-200kHz TEMoo(M2≤1.2)
Spruce-532-10 532nm <20ns @50kHz >10W @50kHz 20kHz-200kHz TEMoo(M2≤1.2)
Spruce-532-20 532nm <20ns @50kHz >20W @50kHz 20kHz-200kHz TEMoo(M2≤1.2)
Spruce-532-35 355nm <20ns @60kHz >35W @60kHz 50kHz-200kHz TEMoo(M2≤1.2)
Olive-532-4 532nm <10ps >4W @100kHz 50kHz-300kHz TEMoo(M2≤1.2)
Olive-532-15 532nm <10ps >15W @300kHz 100kHz-500kHz TEMoo(M2≤1.2)
Olive-1064-10 1064nm <10ps >10W @500kHz 50kHz-1000kHz TEMoo(M2≤1.2)
Olive-1064-30 1064nm <10ps >30W @500kHz 1Hz-1000kHz TEMoo(M2≤1.3)
Olive-1064-50 1064nm <10ps >50W @500kHz 200kHz-1000kHz TEMoo(M2≤1.3)