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Nd:YAG Laser

The family of LOTIS TII Q-switched Nd:YAG lasers includes devices with different output pulse energy, duration from 5 nanosecond to 24 nanosecond, beam divergence and repetition rate. They are usually equipped with build-in or external converters up to fifth (213 nm) harmonic of fundamental laser frequency.Application of mirrors with variable reflection coefficient in certain laser models provides the excellent beam quality with good conversation into harmonics. Double-pulsed Q-switched laser exhibits the precision delay between two output pulses with 1 ns accuracy and can be used in laser spectroscopy and velocimetry. Reliable and stable LOTIS TII lasers are simple in operation, supplying with the convenient remote control and computer interface.

Model Energy
@ 1064nm
@ 532nm
@ 355nm
@ 266nm
Rep. Rate Pulse width Beam diamter
LS-2136LP 40mJ - - - 50Hz 23-24ns 3mm
LS-2130 50mJ 25mJ 9mJ* 8mJ* 20Hz 9-11ns 3mm
LS-2139 75mJ 40mJ 15mJ* 10mJ* 100Hz 15-18ns 4mm
LS-2151 75mJ 35mJ 15mJ* 5mJ* 15Hz 70-80ps 9mm
LS-2131 100mJ 50mJ 16mJ* 16mJ* 20Hz 9-11ns 4mm
LS-2131D 100mJ 50mJ - - 15Hz 9-11ns 4mm
LS-2132D 140mJ 75mJ - - 15Hz 10-12ns 5mm
LS-2136 140mJ 75mJ 25mJ* 18mJ* 50Hz 15-18ns 5mm
LS-2138/100 160mJ 100mJ 40mJ* 25mJ* 100Hz 14-16ns 5mm
LS-2132U 170mJ 110mJ 40mJ* 30mJ* 15Hz 4-6ns 5mm
LS-2132 180mJ 110mJ 20mJ* 24mJ* 15Hz 10-12ns 5mm
LS-2132M-20 190mJ 120mJ 30mJ* 30mJ* 20Hz 7-9ns 5mm
LS-2134D 200mJ 110mJ 10Hz 10-12ns 6.3mm
LS-2138 220mJ 115mJ 45mJ* 30mJ* 50Hz 14-16ns 5mm
LS-2134 250mJ 150mJ 25mJ* 33mJ* 15Hz 10-12ns 6.3mm
LS-2134U 260mJ 160mJ 55mJ* 50mJ* 15Hz 5-8ns 6.3mm
LS-2135 340mJ 170mJ 38mJ* 50mJ* 10Hz 10-12ns 8mm
LS-2137 600mJ 330mJ 120mJ 90mJ 10Hz 16-18ns 8mm
LS-2147 850mJ 470mJ 170mJ 120mJ 10Hz 16-18ns 8mm