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Laser & Light Source PROVIDED BY SKP


● ASE Light Source
BaySpec offers customizable amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) light sources designed to accommodate many different telecommunications, fiber sensing, fiber optic gyroscope, and test & measurement capabilities in the near- and shortwave infrared (800 to 1650 nm) region. BaySpec devices benefit from low-cost, field-proven telecommunication components to provide rugged, reliable solutions.

Parameter C-Band Normal C-Band Flat-Top C+L Band Normal
Wavelength(nm) 1525-1565 1525-1565 1525-1605
Max. Output Power(dBm) >16 >11 >16
Spectral Density(dB) >-10 >-10 >-17
Optical Fiber SMF-28 SMF-28 SMF-28
Optical Connector FC/PC FC/PC FC/PC

● Wideband Light Sources
BaySpec’s MiniLite™ series of wideband or broadband light sources are designed to enhance analytical spectroscopy, fiber sensing, optical coherence tomography (OCT), and other test & measurement capabilities. Devices benefit from low-cost, field proven telecommunication components to provide rugged, reliable solutions.

Wavelength range 650~1690nm(user selection)
Spectral width Typical 100nm in a single source; combined source for wide coverage
Output power up to 30mW
Power stability +/-0.01dB after 10min warm-up

● Erbium-doped Fiber Amplifiers (EDFA)
BaySpec's IntelliGain® and IntelliSense® erbium-doped fiber amplifiers (EDFA) are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. to meet stringent Telcordia GR-1312 requirements for reliability and performance.

Parameter Metro-I_AD EDFA Metro-II_AD EDFA Metro-III_AD EDFA
Wavelength 1530-1562nm
Output power +5 dBm +10 dBm +15 dBm
Small Signal Gain 15 dB 20 dB 25 dB
Pump wavelength 980nm
Pump current 80 mA 150 mA 300 mA

● MiniLite™ Lasers - fiber coupled
BaySpec’s MiniLite™ series of narrowband lasers are designed to enhance analytical Raman spectroscopy and test & measurement capabilities, covering optimal wavelength regions. Devices benefit from low-cost, field-proven telecommunication components.

Center wavelength 532nm 647nm 785nm 1064nm 1310nm
Output power 80mW 350mW 40mW(SM), 700mW(MM) 400mW(SM), 750mW(MM) 250mW
Spectral width 0.3nm 0.08nm 0.06nm(SM), 0.08nm(MM) 0.08nm(SM) 0.1-2nm