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Tunable Laser

Santec Instruments Line includes our high performance and cost effective tunable laser, as well as optical instruments such as programmable tunable filters, polarization measurement instruments, attenuators, and delay lines.

● Tunable Laser TSL-770

The TSL-770 is Santec’s Ultimate tunable laser. A ground up redesign of the laser resonator and control electronics make the TSL-770 our fastest tuning, widest scanning, lowest noise and narrowest linewidth laser ever.
・200nm/s Rapid Sweep
・Full range is Mode-Hop-Free
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● Tunable Laser TSL-710

The TSL-710 is Santec’s premium performance tunable laser. Combining high output power with high signal-to-noise ratio makes the TSL-710 an invaluable tool for optical testing.
・Wide Wavelength Range 1480-1640nm (SCL-Band) 
・±2pm wavelength accuracy and 0.1pm wavelength resolution etc
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● Tunable Laser TSL-550

The Santec’s Essential model TSL-550 is high performance tunable laser with a wide tuning range and an output combining high power and high signal-to-noise ratio.
・High output power +10dBm
・High signal-to-noise ratio 90dB/0.1nm etc
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● Swept Test System

The Santec Swept Test System has been developed to streamline photonic testing, providing a complete solution where high-speed analysis with high resolution and accuracy is key.
・Optical components and modules characterization etc
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● Full-band TSL

The Full-band TSL is a full-band, high performance tunable laser system that covers the ultra-wide tuning range of 1260 to 1680nm (O-band to U-band).
・Wide Wavelength Range 1260-1680nm
・Mode-hop-free wavelength sweeps
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● Compact Tunable Laser WSL-100

The WSL-100 is a compact and cost effective tunable laser source for use in WDM systems and optical measurement applications.
・C-band or L-band tuning with high resolution
・Narrow linewidth <100kHz
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● TSL series performance comparision
Supported bands-scan rangeO (1260~1360nm)-100nm
ES (1355~1485nm)-130nm
CL (1500~1630nm)-130nm
SCL (1480~1630nm)-150nm
LU (1560~1680nm)-120n m
SCL (1480~1640nm)-160nmCL (1490~1630nm)-140nm
SCL (1480~1640nm)-160nm
Scan speed1~100nm/s0.5~100nm/s0.5~200nm/s

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