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OZ Optics

OZ Optics manufactures its products in three locations, Ottawa (Canada), Izmir (Turkey), and Jiaxing (China). Our seven different product groups are marketed and sold globally to over 10,000 customers in over 60 countries, through our well-established and extensive network of sales representatives and distributors, as well as through direct customer engagement. Our fiber optic product lines include: Components for OE Packaging, Attenuators, Laser-to-Fiber Delivery Components, Polarization Maintaining Components, Test Equipment, Fiber Optic Sensors, High Power Components, and Fiber Optic Components for OCT Applications.

● All Products List

NAME OF THE SHEET - sorted alphabetically
All Fiber Polarization Controller
ASE Broadband Light Source
Backreflection Meter
Bare Fiber Adaptors
Beam Splitters/Combiners
Benchtop Backreflection Meter for Visible and Near Infrared Wavelengths
Benchtop Digital Multichannel Attenuator
Benchtop Intelligent Optical Signal-to-Noise Ratio Generator
Benchtop Polarization Extinction Ratio Meter
Broadband Polarization-Entangled Photon Source
Collimators and Focusers - Pigtail Style
Collimators and Focusers - Receptacle Style
Differential Polarization Delay Lines
Digital Directional Inline Optical Power Monitor/Meter
Digital Tunable Filters
Digital Variable Attenuator
Digital Variable Reflector
Directional Fiber Optic Power Monitors (Taps/Photodiodes)
Dual Wavelength LED Source
Educational Kit - Fiber Optics
Electrically Controlled Variable Fiber Optic Attenuator
Electrically Driven Polarization Controller - Scrambler
Environmental Optical Test System
Faraday Rotators/Mirrors - Pigtail Style
Fiber Length Meter
Fiber Optic Circulators
Fiber Optic Isolators
Fiber Optic Switches
Fiber Pigtailed Ultra Stable Laser Module OZ-1000, OZ-2000, OZ-3000 Series
Fiber to Photodiode Couplers
Fixed Attenuators and Attenuating Fiber Patchcord
Fixed Filters
Fixed Neutral Density Attenuators Expanded Beam Style
Free Space Ultra Stable Laser Module OZ-5000 Series
Fused Couplers - Fiber Optic
Fused Fiber Collimator
Handheld Optical Spectrometers
Hand Held Optical Power Meter
High Extinction Ratio Mini Modulator Bias Controller (Board Level)
High Power / High Temperature Fiber Optic Patchcords
High Power Collimators and Focusers – Pigtail Style
High Power Free Space and Fiber Pigtailed Isolators
High Power Pulsed Fiber Sources
High Power Shutters and Safety Interlocks
High Speed Polarization Controller-Scrambler
Highly Stable Laser Diode Source
Highly Stable Polarized Source
Inline Fabry-Perot Tunable Filters
Intelligent Tunable Laser Diode Source
Laser Diode Collimators
Laser Diode Power Combiner
Laser Diode Source - Fiber Optic (Single or Multi-Wavelength)
Laser Diode to Fiber Coupler - Pigtail Style
Laser Diode to Fiber Coupler - Receptacle Style
Laser to Fiber Coupler with Adjustable Focus
Laser to Fiber Coupler with Receptacle (Non-Contact Style)
Low Cost Smart Detector Head/Optical Power Monitor
Manually Adjustable Polarization Insensitive Tunable Filters
Manually Adjustable Polarization Insensitive Variable Bandwidth Tunable Filters
MEMS Variable Optical Attenuators: Single and Multi-Channel
Metalized Fibers
Mini Modulator Bias Controller (Board Level)
Mini Optical Power Meter
Miniature Inline Polarization Maintaining Splitters/Taps/Combiners
Mode Field Adapters
Modulator Bias Controller - Chip Size Single Function
Modulator Bias Controller - Ditherless
Modulator Bias Controller - DP/SP QPSK
Modulator Bias Controller - for Dual-DC-Bias Modulators
Modulator Bias Controller - Precision Ditherless
Modulator Bias Controller - Single Sideband
Modulator Bias Controller - Tunable
Motor Driven Adjustable Polarization Insensitive Variable Bandwidth Tunable Filters
Motor Driven Tunable Filters
Multichannel Electrically Controlled Variable Attenuator (Rack Mount)
Optical Delay Lines
Optical Fibers
Optical Power Meter with Smart Detector Head
Pigtail Style Laser to Fiber Couplers
Polarization Dependent Loss Emulator
Polarization Dependent Loss Meter
Polarization Extinction Ratio Measurement Test Set for V-Groove Assemblies and PM Patchcords
Polarization Extinction Ratio Meter
Polarization Maintaining and Singlemode Planar Lightwave Circuit (PLC) Splitters
Polarization Maintaining and Singlemode Fiber Optic Switches
Polarization Maintaining Fiber Patchcords and Connectors
Polarization Maintaining Fused Fiber Couplers/Splitters
Polarization Rotators/Controllers/Analyzers
Polarized Fiber Optic Source
Polarizers - Fiber Optic
Precision Fiber Optic Collimator/Focuser Array
Red/Green/Blue Combiner and Delivery Systems for Three to Five Visible Wavelengths
Reflectors - Fiber Optic (Fixed or Variable)
Singlemode or Multimode Fiber Optic Patchcords
Smart Patchcords™ and Wireless Fiber™ for Power and Wavelength Monitoring
Super-Fast Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier
Super Modulator Bias Controller (General Bias Controller with Pulse Mode Applications)
Tapered and Lensed Fibers
U-Bracket Assembly - Fiber Optic
Ultra Narrow Line Width Stable Laser Source
Variable Fiber Optic Attenuators - Blocking Pigtail Style
Variable Fiber Optic Attenuators - Blocking Receptacle Style
Variable Fiber Optic Attenuators - Reflective Style
Variable Fiber Optic Attenuators Neutral Density Filter Version - Pigtail Style
V-Groove Assemblies
V-Groove Chips
Visible Fiber Optic Fault Locator
Wavelength Division Multiplexers
White Light (RGB: Red/Green/Blue) Laser Sources

● Standard Tables

● 1A. Standard Singlemode Fiber
● 1B. Large Mode Area Fiber
● 2A. Standard Polarization Maintaining Fiber
● 2B. PM Large Mode Area Fiber
● 3. Standard Graded Index Multimode Fiber
● 4. Standard Step Index Multimode Fiber for UV & VIS
● 5. Standard Step Index Multimode Fiber for VIS & IR
● 6A. Standard Connector & Connector Finishes
● 6B.Description of Connec tor Finishes
● 7. Standard Cable Construction
● 8. Standard Laser Head Adapter
● 9. Standard Achromat Lens
● 10A. Standard Grin Lens
● 10B. Standard C-Lens
● 11A. Standard Aspheric Lens
● 11B. Aspherized Glass Lens with Polymer
● 12. Standard Plano-Convex & Biconvex Lens