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Fiber Optic Products PROVIDED BY SKP


Boston AppliedTechnologies Incorporated (BATi) was formed in 2002 by the key managementand technical team formerly with Corning Applied Technologies (CAT), asubsidiary of Corning Incorporated. The mission of BATI is to developand manufacture novel materials-based devices for emerging photonic/electronicmarkets.
BATi's basictechnology (Materials Development Group) includes the state-of-the-artOptoCeramic® materials in bulk and thin-film forms, both forsolid-state light controlling devices. BATi's Photonics Group combinesits expertise in optics, fiber-optics, and packaging to produce low costand high performance photonic products for applications ranging from fiberoptic communications to optical sensors and instrumentation. BTAi's technologyis protected by more than 30 US and international patents and patent disclosures.

● Light Intensity Management Devices

Forlight intensity management, Boston Applied Technologies provides a completesolution through its EclipseTM line. The Eclipse™ Variable OpticalAttenuator (VOA) offers optical power control solutions for both single-wavelength,such as in pre-emphasis, and multi-wavelength, such as in EDFA, applications.The VOA is well received in the marketplace because of its high reliability(passed full Telcordia qualification) and high performance (the fastestVOA). No failure has been reported since the VOA first reached in themarket in 1999.

● Variable Optical Attenuators (VOA)
● Micro-Variable Opitcal Attenuators
● Polarization Maintained VOA (PMVOA)
● Variable Optical Attenuator Arrays
● HighSpeed Variable Optical Attenuators (HVOA)
● Multimode Fiber Variable Optical Attenuators (MM VOA)
● Optical Power Regulator/Limiter (OPR)

● Light Polarization Management Devices

BATi (and CAT) was one of the first companies thatintroduced polarization-controlling devices to the marketplace with nomoving parts. OptoCeramicTM technology enables high speed (200ns), solid-state light polarization management in a compact package. ThePolarization Controller/Polarization Transformer (PC/PT) converts anyinput state of polarization (SoP) to any output SoP by sending electronicsignals to each independent retardation plates. The Dynamic PolarizationRotator (DPR) rotates the light beam while preserves its polarizationproperty. The Polarization maintaining tap monitor (PM-tap) gives 3% to5% tap output of P- or S-polarization component through an integratedphotodetector. BATi's polarization sensor provides the fastest SoP detectionand enables high performance polarimeters.

● Polarization Controller/Polarization Transformer
● Dynamic Polarization Rotator (DPR)
● Polarization Maintaining Tap/ Monitor (PM-Tap)
● Linear Polarization Converter (LPC)

● Wavelength Profiling Devices

The VariableGain Tilting Filter (VGTF) provides Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM)gain equalization and tilting for optical amplifiers with either a tiltedor a parabolic profile. The Dynamic Gain Flattening Filter (DGFF), basedon a harmonic filter design, dynamically smoothes out any non-linearityin optical amplifier gain curves and allows power equalization for DWDMsystems at a lower resolution, while the Dynamic Spectrum Equalizer (DSE)adjusts each wavelength channel individually and gives the highest resolutionin power equalization.

● Variable Gain Tilt Filter (VGTF)
● Dynamic Gain Flattening Filter (DGFF)

● Optical Switch

Boston AppliedTechnologies, Inc. (BATi) is a leadingmanufacturer of ultra-fast optical devices. Based on the revolutionaryelectro-optic material-OptoCeramicTM, BATi has developed avariety of nano-second, low loss light intensity, polarization and spectrummanagement devices. The Nanona™ switch is the new addition to BATi'sEclipse™, Acrobat™ and Equinox™ product portfolio.

BATi's Nanona™ ultra-fast and low loss optical switch redirects theoptical signal from one channel to another one at the speed faster than 50ns. The Nanona™ switch is a solid-state switch operatingin free-space architecture. It has lower optical insertion loss less 1dB, much faster speed and more reliable switching compared to competing opticalswitching technologies. The switches provide solutions to managing fiberoptic connections, monitoring optical performance and sharing vital resourcesfor a wide variety of applications in telecommunication networks, defense/government,medical /bio-technology and instrumentation industries.

● 1x1 Fast Optical switches
● 1x2 Fast Optical switches
● 2x2 Fast Optical switches

● Optical Passive Devices

To support the varied needs of optical network operators, Boston AppliedTechnologies, Inc. (BATi) includes a wide range of optical passive devices.BATi's passive devices are extremely well suited for economical METROarea CWDM networks, as well as longer distance, medium density, DWDM networks.

● Thin Film Filter Based WDM Products - CWDM Devices & Modules
- CWDM3 Port Device
- CWDM3 Port Reflecting Package Device
- CWDMModules
- CWDMOADM Modules
- MiniCWDM Modules

● Thin Film Filter Based WDM Products - DWDM Devices & Modules
- DWDM100GHz 3 Port Device
- DWDM100GHz Modules
- DWDM100GHz OADM Modules
- DWDM200GHz 3 Port Device
- DWDM200GHz Modules
- DWDM200GHz OADM Modules

● Thin Film Filter Based WDM Products - MWDMDevices
- 980/1550nmWDM
- 1310/1550nmStandard and High Isolation WDM
- 1480/1550nmWDM

● Thin Film Filter Based WDM Products - Band Separators
- C/L Band MWDM
- C Band Red/Blue MWDM
- L Band Red/Blue MWDM
- DWDM Band Separator
- C Band Supervisory(1500~1520nm) Channel MWDM
- L Band Supervisory(1610~1640nm) Channel MWDM

● Thin Film Filter Based WDM Products - Three Wavelengths Filter WDM Devices
- 1310/1550/1620nmWDM
- 1310/1480/1550nmWDM

● Thin Film Filter Based WDM Products - GainFlattening Filter
- GainFlattening Filter

● Isolator, Isolator-WDM Hybrid and Circulator
- Isolator Single Stage
- Isolator Dual Stage
- Isolator Array Single Stage
- Isolator Array Dual Stage
- 980-1550 Isolator-WDM Hybrid
- 1480-1550 Isolator-WDM Hybrid
- 1480-1590 Isolator-WDM Hybrid
- Isolator Tap Hybrid
- Fiber Optical Circulator
- Isolator Core

● Fused Fiber Optical Products
- SWST Single Window Splitter
- DWST Dual Window Splitter

● Switching Routing, Attenuator and Optical Monitoring
- SWTM MT Series Optical Switch
- Optical Power Monitor
- Mini-size Optical Power Monitor
- Mini-size PD Array Module

● Pigtail, Collimator, and Patch Cord
- PGTL Fiber Pigtail
- CLTM Fiber Optical Collimator
- PTCD Fiber Optical Patch Cords

● PM Products

PM technology is one of our major focuses. Withthe engineers have more than a decade experience in this area, we developedmost reliable, performance oriented and customized polarization maintainingproducts, such as PM isolator, PM circulator, polarization beam combiner/splitter,PM coupler, in-line polarizer, in-line Faraday rotator and Faraday rotatorMirror. Those devices work at broad range of wavelength, typically 850nm, 980nm, 1064 nm, 1310 nm, 1480 nm and 1550 nm wavelength band. Anddifferent fiber type combination and different PM fiber orientation canbe selected by customers. Customized operating wavelength range is alsoavailable upon request.

● PM Collimator
● PM Filter Coupler
● Isolator
● In-line Faraday Rotator
● PM In-line Polarizer
● High ER In-line Polarizer
● PM Circulator
● 2x2 PM Circulator
● Fused PM Fiber Products
- Fused PM Fiber Combiner
- Fused PM Fiber Splitter
- Fused PM Fiber WDM
- Fused PM Hybrid Fiber Tap

● High Power Products

With the engineers having more than a decade of experiencein this area, we developed most reliable, performance oriented, cost effectivehigh power products, such as high power isolator, high power band passfilters and WDM devices. These products can work at different wavelengths,typically 850 nm, 980 nm, 1064 nm, 1310 nm, 1480 nm and 1550 nm wavelengthband. Customized operating wavelength range is also available upon request.

● High Power Polarization Insensitive Isolator
- 500mW Isolator
- 1W Isolator
- 3W Isolator
- 10W Isolator
- 500mW Isolator for Pulse Application
- 1W Isolator for Pulse Application
- 3W Isolator for Pulse Application
- 10W Isolator for Pulse Application

● High Power PM Isolator
- 500mW PM Isolator
- 1W PM Isolator
- 3W PM Isolator
- 10W PM Isolator
- 500mW PM Isolator for Pulse Application
- 1W PM Isolator for Pulse Application
- 3W PM Isolator for Pulse Application
- 10W PM Isolator for Pulse Application

● High Power Circulator
- 5W Polarization Insensitive Circulator
- 5W Polarization Maintaining Circulator