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Fiber / Fiber cable

● Single Mode Fiber

Thorlabs' single mode optical fibers are available for operating wavelengths from 300 nm to 2.3 μm. Our selection includes high-NA fiber, non-zero dispersion-shifted fiber, photosensitive fiber, and double-clad optical fiber for applications with ultrashort pulses. In addition, we offer a variety of specialty rare-earth doped single mode optical fibers, including ytterbium and erbium.

Single Mode FiberHigh NA SM FiberNon-Zero Dispersion-Shifted Fiber
Double-Clad FiberSM Photosensitive FiberActive Rare-Earth Doped Fiber

● Multimode Fiber

Thorlabs' multimode optical fibers include hard-clad silica fibers, small- and large-core fibers, and fiber with very high or low numerical apertures. Additional multimode optical fiber offerings include graded-index, double-clad, and square-core fibers as well as multimode fluoride fiber for use in the mid-IR.

0.1 NA Step Index MM Fiber0.22 NA Step Index MM Fiber0.39 NA Step Index MM Fiber
0.50 NA Step Index MM FiberGraded-Index MM FiberMid-IR Fluoride MM Fiber
Square-Core Step Index MM FiberDouble-Clad FiberMM Lensed Fiber

● Polarization-Maintaining Fiber

Thorlabs' polarization-maintaining optical fibers are available with operating wavelengths from 350 nm to 2.2 µm. Our selection includes PANDA, bow-tie, Zing­™, and specialty spun fibers. In addition, we offer dispersion compensating fibers for applications with ultrashort pulses.

Polarization-Maintaining FiberPM Dispersion-Compensating FiberSingle Mode Polarizing FiberSpun Optical Fiber

● Photonic Crystal Fiber (PCF)

Thorlabs offers a selection of photonic crystal fibers (PCF), provided by NKT Photonics, to provide high confinement of transmitted light. These options include air guided, polarization-maintaining, endlessly single mode and large-mode-area fibers.

Hollow Core PCFEndlessly SM, Large Mode PCFPolarization Maintaining PCF

● Fiber Cable

SM Patch CablePM Patch CableMM Patch CableMM Fiber Bundle

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