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Fiber Processing

● Fiber Fusion Splicers and Processing Equipment

Thorlabs' Vytran® product family is designed for fusion splicing, optical fiber processing, and end face geometry inspection. To create splices with high optical quality and mechanical strength, these tools perform a series of tasks, including stripping, cleaning, cleaving, splicing, recoating, and proof testing. The GPX Series Glass Processors can splice fibers or end caps and shape fibers into tapers, ball lenses, couplers/combiners, or other kinds of custom terminations. Our scanning white-light interferometers (SWLI) enable detailed measurements of the connector end face geometry for inspection and quality-control applications.

Aii-In-One End Face Geometry InterferometerPortable End Face Geometry Interferometer
Stripper & CleanerCleaver
Fusion SplicerGlass Processor
RecoaterRoof Tester