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Fiber Optic Products PROVIDED BY SKP

Fiber Optic Components

Thorlabs offers a wide variety of collimation and coupling components that can be used to effectively collimate or couple light out of and into FC/PC, FC/APC, or SMA terminated fiber. Optical isolators help protect sensitive laser sources and components from back reflections while fiber couplers, WDMs, circulators, and switches are the fundamental tools to creating fiber based optical circuits. We also offer a line of components for optogenetics applications, including fiber optic cannulae, patch cords, and light sources.
Fiber Collimation / CouplingFiber Coupler / SplitterWDM (Wavelength Combiner/Splitter)Pump and Signal Combiner
Mode Field AdapterCirculatorFaraday MirrorOptical Isolator
Fiber Optic Light Trap / TerminattorFiber AttenuatorFiber Optic RetroreflectorFiber Optic Partial Reflector
Fiber Polarization ManagementPolarization ControllerMating Sleeve / ConnectorOptical Switch
EO ModulatorFiber InterferometerFiber Lab SuppliesOptogenetics