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Ti:Sapphire Crystal

● HEM® Ti:Sapphire

HEM® Ti:Sapphire laser optics are renowned for their high quality and ubiquitous use in the world’s top Ultrafast laser laboratories

● Features

• 280 mm in diameter
• Excellent homogeneity
• Superior Thermal Properties
• High Figures of Merit (FOM)
• No Bulk Scatter
• High Laser Damage Threshold
• Large sizes and highly doped material available
• Alpha values @ 532 nm of 0.3-10.0

● Applications

HEM ti sapphire’s wide emission range, (660 nm to 1180 nm), high-power density pumping capability along with excellent thermal properties enable today’s high intensity laser platforms. These facilities are creating the next generation of laser based applications such as radiotherapy, proton therapy, accelerator physics, nuclear physics, far field physics, infrared spectroscopy and materials characterization. GTAT works closely with its customers to develop new crystal designs so that the ultrafast laser community can continue to advance the reliability and performance of high intensity lasers.
The highest quality ti sapphire crystals, advanced laser polishing techniques and optimized coatings form the foundation of your laser systems when you use HEM Ti Sapphire Laser Optics.

● Laser Damage Threshold Testing of Ti Sapphire AR Coating

Test Results• Damage Definition: plasma, increased He-Ne scattering, visible damage as observed using a 100X
Nomarski Brightfield Microscope.
• Description of Results: part irradiated at 13.00 Jcm-2 with no damage in 10 sites
• Laser Damage Threshold: calculated at 14.16 Jcm-2 peak fluence
• Testing provided by Spica Technologies Inc.
Test Conditions• Test Wavelength: 532 nm
• Angle of Incidence: 0º
• Pulse Repetition Frequencies: 10 Hz
• Polarization: linear
• Test Beam Profile: TEM Pulsewidth, (FWHM): 10 ns Axial Modes: multiple S
• Pit Diameter: 570 µm
• Number of Sites: 80
• Test Method: laser damage frequency
• Exposure Duration: 200 shots/site
Test Sample• Test Type: laser damage threshold
• Substrate Material: HEM Ti:Sapphire
• Sample Size: 1″ diameter
• Coating Type: AR