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OCT & OCT Engine

In all optical systems, including OCT systems, interrelationships exist among optical parameters. Significant performance parameters that are coupled in OCT systems include: axial resolution & imaging depth, lateral resolution & field of view, and A-Scan rate & field of view:

•Improving axial resolution decreases the maximum possible imaging depth.
•Improving lateral resolution contracts the field of view.
•A faster A-Scan rate results in reduced sensitivity
•A shorter wavelength improves lateral resolution but increases scattering from small features in tissue and other media

Immediately below is information about how our various preconfigured OCT systems compare when evaluated in terms of a single key parameter. Click the preconfigured OCT system name on the left of each bar to navigate to the related OCT series page for more details. Item numbers beginning with CAL, GAN, TEL, and VEG are members of the Callisto, Ganymede, Telesto, and Vega series OCT systems, respectively. There is also a Telesto series PS-OCT system, which is capable of measuring polarization information at the same speed as its comparable standard Telesto systems. A Selection Guide comparing the key specifications of all of our OCT base units is provided at the bottom of the page.

● Choosing an OCT System

Center wavelength & bandwidthA-Scan / Line rateSensitivityImage depth
TEL210C1 / 1325nmGAN610C1 / 248 kHzTEL220C1 / 111 dBVEG210C1 / 11 mm
TEL310C1 / 1325nmGAN620C1 / 248 kHzTEL210C1 / 111 dBVEG220C1 / 8.0 mm
TEL220C1 / 1300nmVEG220C1 / 200 kHzTEL320C1 / 109 dBTEL210C1 / 7.0 mm
TEL320C1 / 1300nmTEL320C1 / 146 kHzTEL310C1 / 109 dBTEL310C1 / 7.0 mm
VEG210C1 / 1300nmTEL310C1 / 146 kHzCAL110C1 / 107 dBTEL220C1 / 3.5 mm
VEG220C1 / 1300nmVEG210C1 / 100 kHzGAN610C1 / 102 dBTEL320C1 / 3.5 mm
CAL110C1 / 930nmTEL220C1 / 76 kHzGAN620C1 / 102 dBGAN210C1 / 2.9 mm
GAN210C1 / 930nmTEL210C1 / 76 kHzVEG210C1 / 102 dBGAN610C1 / 2.7 mm
GAN610C1 / 930nmGAN210C1 / 36 kHzGAN210C1 / 101 dBGAN220C1 / 1.9 mm
GAN220C1 / 900nmGAN220C1 / 36 kHzGAN220C1 / 101 dBGAN620C1 / 1.9 mm
GAN620C1 / 900nmCAL110C1 / 1.2 kHzVEG220C1 / 98 dBCAL110C1 / 1.7 mm

● OCT Imaging Systems & Components

Ganymede Series OCT SystemsCallisto Series OCT SystemsTelesto Series OCT Systems
Telesto Series PS-OCT SystemsVega Series OCT SystemsOCT Components

● Spectral Domain OCTS Engine

Bayspec’s DeepView™ Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) systems utilize spectral-domain technology (SD-OCT) to offer significant improvements over time-domain approaches: twice the resolution and ~100x image acquisition speed. The promise of SD-OCT has had to wait for the maturity of reliable, affordable components and sub-systems… until now.

ModelDeepView NIRDeepView SWIR
Wavelength range780-900nm (custom)1280-1340nm (or custom)
Image plan size26mm wide26mm wide
Optical spot size
(single mode fiber)
10um across detector25um diameter
Focal length100mm100mm