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Hyperspectral Imagers

● OCI™-F Hyperspectral Imager (VIS-NIR, SWIR)

The OCI™-F Series ("All Seeing Eye") hyperspectral camera is a miniaturized push-broom hyperspectral camera covering the full VIS-NIR (400-1000 nm), or SWIR (short-wave infrared, 900-1700 nm) wavelength range, with a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface. It features ultra-compactness (14 cm x 7 cm x 7 cm) and light weight (~ 570 g) with fast data transfer rates (up to 60 fps). As an innovative “true push-broom” hyperspectral imager: one can simply move the imager by hand, or drone (UAV) or other vehicles, or move the sample (e.g., conveyor belt) to finish the scan. Not dependent on a constant scanning speed, the OCI-F Series offers versatility on various platforms such as UAVs with perfect hyperspectral image stitching. Compactness, fast imaging, simple operation, and intuitive software make the OCI-F’s the perfect choice for first-time practitioners and old-pros alike. They’re Ideal for applications such as precision agriculture, remote sensing, conveyor sorting, forensics and all airborne applications

Key Specs
Operation ModeTrue push-broom
Spectral Range400-1000nm or 900-1700nm
Number of Spectral Bandsup to 240(VIS-NIR) / 80(SWIR)
Spatial Pixels800xscan length(VIS-NIR) / 250xscan length(SWIR)
Lens16mm (21deg. FOV)

● GoldenEye™ Snapshot Hyperspectral Imager (400-1000nm)

BaySpec’s GoldenEye™ is the Ultimate Snapshot Hyperspectral Imager, Captures All in One Shot for wavelengths from visible to near infrared (NIR). Using BaySpec’s FT-PI proprietary technology, this novel imager features high sensitivity and is most suitable for low light level applications, such as fluorescence imaging.

Key Specs
Operation ModeSnapshot
Spectral Range400-1000nm
Number of Spectral Bands40-52 (approx.)
Spatial Pixels648x488
Frame Rate1 Frame/sec
Lens16mm (21deg. FOV)

● OCI™-M+ Multispectral Camera (450-1000nm)

BaySpec’s OCI™-M+ is a multispectral imager designed for aerial imaging for precision agriculture, remote sensing, security, material detection, and geological survey. The aerial imager has 12 selective bands, including 3 RGB bands, and 9 spectral bands from red edge to NIR. The OCI™-M+ UAV ready-to-fly package has made aerial multispectral imaging very straightforward.

Key Specs
Operation ModePush-broom
Spectral Range450-1000nm
Spectral BandsBlue: 470nm
Green: 560nm
Red: 660nm
Red Edge: 690nm 720nm 760nm 780nm 800nm
NIR: 820nm, 840nm, 900nm, 970nm
UAVDJI Inspire 2

● OCI™-UAV Hyperspectral Camera (600-1000nm)

The OCI™-UAV hyperspectral cameras are designed specifically for use on unmanned aerial vehicles/systems (UAV/UAS), or remotely operated vehicles (ROV). Packed with a high-performance, miniature single-board-computer, they acquire VIS-NIR hyperspectral data with continuous spectral and spatial coverage. Operating of the OCI-UAV is automatic and requires minimal human intervention. The OCI-UAV and powerful package features signification reduction in size and weight, and faster data transfer rate with automatic data capturing and processing. Extreme compactness with uncompromised performance, automatic operation and data processing make the OCI-UAV a straightforward system for effortless integration with many UAV/ROVs, for applications such as precision agriculture and remote sensing. BaySpec also provides ready-to-fly hyperspectral total solutions.

Key Specs
Operation ModePush-broomSnapshot
Weight~ 180g (including a standard lens)
Data InterfaceUSB 3.0 (up to 120fps)

● OCI™-OEM Ultra-compact Hyperspectral Camera (600-1000nm)

BaySpec’s Compact OCI™-OEM hyperspectral cameras are optical engines of the OCI-1000 and OCI-2000 hyperspectral imagers. It features extreme compactness and fast data transfer rate. The high performance hyperspectral/multispectral camera works in push-broom mode or snapshot mode in a compact form factor weighing less than 180 g. These optical engines acquire full, VIS-NIR hyperspectral/multispectral data with high spectral resolution and fast speed. Continuous hyperspectral data capturing can happen at video rates. Compactness, simple operation and optional SDK makes the OCI-OEM integration an effortless task.

Key Specs
Operation ModePush-broomSnapshot
Weight~ 180g (including a standard lens)~ 190g (including a standard lens)
Data InterfaceUSB 3.0 (up to 120fps)

● OCI™-2000 Snapshot Handheld Hyperspectral Imager (600-1000nm)

BaySpec’s Compact OCI-2000™ Snapshot Spectral Imager brings for the first time high performance hyperspectral/multispectral real-time imaging in a compact handheld form factor weighing only 0.8 lbs.(363 grams). The imager acquires full, VIS-NIR hyperspectral/multispectral data with high spectral resolution at one snapshot. Continuous hyperspectral data capturing can happen at video rates.

Key Specs
Spectral Range600-1000nm
Number of Spectral Bands~ 20-25
Spectral Resolution(FWHM)< 12nm

● OCI™-D Airborne VIS-NIR Hyperspectral Imager (475-975nm)

OCI™ ("All Seeing Eye") –D airborne hyperspectral imager cover full VIS-NIR wavelength range with innovative technologies featuring compactness, high reliability, lifetime calibration and easy UAV integration (integrated hyperspectral UAV system is also available).

Key Specs
Spectral Range475-975nm
Operation ModeSnapshot
Weight~ 540g
Data InterfaceUSB 3.0 (up to 50fps)