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Opto-mechnicsPROVIDED BY SKP

Motorized Stage

Thorlabs' motorized stages include linear translation stages with up to 600 mm of travel, rotation mounts and stages, goniometers, pitch and yaw platforms, and high-resolution multi-axis platforms. Our stages feature a variety of motors, including stepper, DC servo, direct drive, piezo inertia, and resonant piezo motors.

Linear: 0.47"(12mm)Linear: 0.68"(20mm)
Piezo Inertia Motor
Linear: 1"(25mm)Linear: 1.1"(28mm)
Resonant Piezo Motor
Linear: 2"(50mm)Linear: 2.4"(60mm)
Resonant Piezo Motor
Long Travel: 100~600mmZ-Axis Piezo 1100um Travel
Microscopy StageMulti-Axis StageMotorized Rotation StageMotorized Pitch/Yaw Platform
Motorized GoniometerVertical Stage1.5mm Manual + Piezo5mm Manual + Piezo