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Tunable Filter

Thesimple high speed optical tunable filter has a micro concavepolycarbonate lens that foams a cavity without guiding optics oroptical collimation, resulting in robust and vibration-resistantfilters with minimal parts count. The filters are encapsulated in aproprietary temperature tuned package.

● Features

● Ultra high speed scan rate
● Temperature tuned
● Wide tuning range
● Small form factor
● Simple design
● Encapsulated

● Applications

● Fiber swept laser source
● Optical sensor application
● Optical coherence tomography

● Typical Data

Parameter Value
OperationWavelength 1060nm / 1310nm /1550nm
Loss 2.5dB
FixedFree Spectral Range 40 ~ 160 nm
Finesse 300 ~ 700
SideBand Rejection <23 dB
MaximumInput power 50/80/100 mW/nm
TemperatureCoefficient 1 nm/°C(1550/60nm)
Capacitance 0.4 μF
TuningVoltage @DC 13/16/19V/FSR
TuningVoltage Range -10to 50 V
ScanFrequency DC~ 40 KHz
Connector FC/UPC Spliced
Dimensions 0.4”x0.7”x1.8”
4x#2-56 Mounting Taps 0.54” x 1.64” Center