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Opto-Mechanics PROVIDED BY SKP

Motorized Stage

Thorlabs' motorized stages include linear translation stages with up to 600 mm of travel, rotation mounts and stages, goniometers, pitch and yaw platforms, and high-resolution multi-axis platforms. Our stages feature a variety of motors, including stepper, DC servo, direct drive, piezo inertia, and resonant piezo motors.

Linear: 0.47"(12mm) Linear: 0.68"(20mm)
Piezo Inertia Motor
Linear: 1"(25mm) Linear: 1.1"(28mm)
Resonant Piezo Motor
Linear: 2"(50mm) Linear: 2.4"(60mm)
Resonant Piezo Motor
Long Travel: 100~600mm Z-Axis Piezo 1100um Travel
Microscopy Stage Multi-Axis Stage Motorized Rotation Stage Motorized Pitch/Yaw Platform
Motorized Goniometer Vertical Stage 1.5mm Manual + Piezo 5mm Manual + Piezo