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Date : 2006/09/22, Hit : 2318
제목    Photon Counting and Photon Timing Educator Pack
작성자   Yoon
화일   2006092217_Photon_Counting_Fundamentals_Educator_Pack.pdf (466.08 KB | Download : 1812)   

Photon Counting and Photon Timing Educator Pack is the ideal solution for academics looking to launch a low light sensing or semiconductor device physics training module, or for OEMs looking to quickly come up the learning curve on the technologies associated with photon counting, photon timing and low light sensing. The kit contains a range of tools and documentation that will bring the user through a number of steps, from the basic theory of photon counting and low light sensing to application examples such as Time Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC) and Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging (FLIM) that depend on photon counting. The structured and detailed application notes combined with a broad range of instrumentation is the complete tutorial package for anyone looking to quickly engage in the exciting world of photon counting. The Educator Pack can be purchased in two parts making it easier for budget conscious organizations to take the first step into photon counting and then later upgrade to timing and related applications.

" Theory and Lecture Notes "

The major topics covered are:
    Module 1 - Basic semiconductor device physics
    Module 2 - Photodiode operation
    Module 3 - Photodiode characterisation
    Module 4 - Noise in photodiodes
    Module 5 - Photon counting
    Module 6 - Quenching fundamentals

" Interactive Labs and Experiments "

The concepts evaluated include:
    Lab 1 - Investigate three modes of photodiode operation
    Lab 2 - Photodiode I-V characteristics and dark count rate
    Lab 3 - Photon detection probability
    Lab 4 - Passive quench circuit simulation
    Lab 5 - Passive vs Active quench characteristics.

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