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Date : 2017/07/03, Hit : 1013
제목    New Products - Optical Delay Line
작성자   Yoon
화일   2017070318_ODL_Series.pdf (181.38 KB | Download : 148)   

"Optical Delay Line"를 소개해드립니다.

• Optical Delays up to 666 ps, 1466 ps, 2000 ps, or 4000 ps
• Minimum Delay Shift: ◦3.3 fs (ODL100)
◦0.67 fs (ODL220, ODL300, and ODL600)
•Computer Controlled via ODL Software (Included)
•Triggering Modes for Forward and Reverse Scans:
◦Internally Triggered Step Scan
◦Externally Triggered Step Scan
◦Externally Triggered Scan

• Pulsed Pump-Probe Experiments
• Autocorrelations, Cross Correlations, and Optical Sampling
• Pulse Synchronization
• Wavemeters and Other Interferometric Sensors

* Thorlabs' Free-Space Optical Delay Lines (ODL) enable computer-controlled variation of the optical path length. Each system includes a DC servo stage, controller, and retroreflector optics with mounts. Each system also includes two drop-in irises with four mounting positions for alignment (see diagram to the right). Our UM10-AG Ultrafast-Enhanced Silver Mirrors and MRAK25-P01 Protected Silver Knife-Edge Right-Angle Prism Mirror provide high reflectance in the 750 - 1000 nm spectral range and minimal group delay dispersion (see the Graphs tab), making these systems well suited for use with femtosecond pulsed lasers.

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