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Date : 2013/08/28, Hit : 1606
제목    sub-THz semiconductor cameras - World first high speed low-cost
작성자   Yoon
화일   2013082812_Terasense_camera.pdf (486.56 KB | Download : 738)   

제품소개: "World first high speed low-cost sub-THz semiconductor cameras"

1. Features
- New physical principle
- Operates at frequencies (0.02 — 0.7 THz) where most common materials are transparent
- Different budget models are available: 256 kpixel, 1024 kpixel, 4096 kpixel
- USB feeding and programming
- Low-cost
- 1-year warranty

2. Applications
* Hidden Objects and Defects Identification
- Rapid non-destructive characterization of defects in uniform mate-rials and coated surfaces or identification of hidden objects using TeraSense terahertz imaging technology.

* Homeland Security
- We develop active THz cameras for remote concealed object detection in high throughput places. Our solutions are com-pact and affordable, suitable even for private usage.

* Medical Diagnostics
- A tool for early cancers investigation.
- Safe in-vivo diagnostics of breast and skin cancers at early stages.
- Non-invasive distinguishing between healthy tissue and basal cell carcinoma.

* Petrol and Oil quality Control
- Detection of water and other contaminations in petrochemical products by TeraSense technology.

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