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Date : 2018/08/06, Hit : 2552
제목    New Products - Crystalline mirror
작성자   Yoon
화일   2018080615_Crystalline_mirror.pdf (2022.78 KB | Download : 130)   

"Crystalline Mirrors"를 소개해드립니다.

- LOWER Brownian noise, ULTRAPRECISE: measurements of space and time
- LOWER mid-infrared absorption, HIGH RESOLUTION in trace gas sensing
- LOWER Thermal resistivity, THERMAL MANAGEMENT in industrial lasers

- OPTIMIZED OPTICAL CLOCKS: next generation time and frequency standards
- GRAVIATIONAL WAVE DETECTORS: pushing the frontiers of astronomy and cosmology
- HIGH POWER LASERS: laser-based material processing
- RING LASER GYROSCOPES: advanced inertial navigation
- TRACE GAS DETECTION: medical, environmental, and industrial monitoring
- MICROWAVE GENERATION: next generation radar

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