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Opto-Mechanics PROVIDED BY SKP

Kits & Lab Supplies

Our kits include general purpose component kits as well as experimental kits such as our Optical Trap Kit. The general purpose kits are great when first starting a lab due to the variety of components included. Our Optical Trap Kit, on the other hand, is a cost-effective optical trap built with Thorlabs parts. Finally, our educational kits include components for building classic experiments with detailed instructions and teaching materials.
Thorlabs offers a wide range of accessories to facilitate the start up, maintenance, and organization of laboratories. Here, you'll find everything from screw kits to BNC cables to lens tissue paper.

Optomechanics Kit Screw/Screw Adapter kit Tool Kit Optics Kit
Electrical Adapter Kit Fiber Kit Fiber Cleaning Optogenetics Kit
LD/TEC Controller/Mount Adaptive Optics Kit Educational Kit Modular Optical Tweezer
General Tools Fiber Lab Supplies Optics Lab Supplies Light Accessories
Laser Glasses Alignment Tool Beam Blocks/Dumps Electrical/Shielding Supplies
Temperature Controller Life Science/Microscopy Storage Rack