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Femtolite A, B, C Series
IMRA's femtosecond laser product based on Erbium-doped, single-mode fiber technology. Available at wavelengths of 780 nm and 1560 nm or both. Sets the standard for compactness, and turn key operation.
Femtolite Ultra
The Femtolite Ultra series is IMRA??s new generation of ultracompact, economical lasers that deliver femtosecond pulses at 780nm, 1560nm or 800nm. The AX, BX, CX and FX types are erbium doped fiber-based oscillators and amplifiers.
Femtolite F-100
Compact, 800 nm femtosecond laser with nJ level output pulses. Higher average power version of the Femtolite.
FCPA μJewel Series
Femotosecond source of microJoule-level pulse energy at high repetition rates (100 kHz - 5 MHz), based on a highly efficient Yb-fiber amplifier, with Chirped Pulsed Amplification (FCPA)

Femtosecond Fiber Laser TC-1550

Embedded microcontroller guarantees trouble free operations
150 fs pulses
10 mW - 150 mW average output power
80 - 100 MHz repetition rate
Synchronization to external clock with highest accuracy
We offer complete solutions for our customers including optical amplifiers and electronics for phase lock loops
Femtosecond Fiber Laser TC-780
Mode-locked Er: fiber laser with added second harmonic generation stage. The TC-780 provides femtosecond laser pulses at a wavelength of 780 nm in an economic, easy-to-use laser system.

- 150 fs pulses
- 25 mW average power at 780 nm
- 80 MHz repetition rate
- Synchronization to external clock with highest accuracy
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