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Cavity Dumper Kit
The Cavity Dumper Kit is an acoustooptical switch that is integrated in the cavity of a modelocked laser system for the reduction of the system??s pulse repetition rate. Unlike with pulse pickers the intracavity operation increases the pulse energy to a multiple of the energy that is reached by the normal modelocked pulses of the system. This makes it particularly relevant for nonlinear optical processes like SHG and THG.

The Cavity Dumper Kit consists of an acoustooptical Bragg cell to be integrated in the laser cavity and the PulseSwitch control electronics. As an option APE offers a mounting-kit for holding the Bragg cell. In parallel it provides all the necessary tools for adjusting the modulator.
Out of a seed input signal with the repetition rate of the modelocked system the control electronics generate the RF carrier frequency for the Bragg cell. An internal frequency divider allows for division rates between 1:20 and 1:5000 of the seed frequency (optional: 1:2 ... 1:260000). External triggering and therefore single pulse operation is possible, too. The phase of the RF signal is fine tuned by a phase shifter as a preposition for using the cavity dumper in double pass operation.
Fused silica is the active modulator material of the Bragg cell. Therefore the cavity dumper covers a wide wavelength range with a high optical damage threshold.
Pulse Picker(PulseSelect)
The PulseSelect has been developed for the specific needs of the fs- and ps technology. Low dispersion and exclusive use of reflective optics minimize the distortion of pulses. The acoustooptical selection allows for high contrast without using further optical elements.
- Suitable for laser systems with different wavelength ranges
- Division ratio up to fREP/2
- Integrated HF-power limit and safety circuit
Compact motor driven pulse compressor FemtoControl
APE has developed the compact pulse compressor FemtoControl for optimizing the length of femtosecond pulses in an easy and efficient way. Pulse compression is indispensable wherever laser pulses experience strong dispersion passing through a lot of optical material, e.g. a microscope. The result is immense temporal broadening of the pulse and therefore a change and possibly deterioration of the measuring conditions in applications like two-photon-microscopy.
Spectrometer for mode-rocked laser
WaveScan is an easy to use, cost-effective device for spectral analysis of cw and modelocked laser systems. While offering fast measurement with high resolution it is also an ideal adjustment tool because of its high scan rates. WaveScan is availle in different versions covering scan ranges from 250 to 2600 nm.
- Controller with integrated LCD monitor
- RS-232 interface
- Fibre input optionalCompact design
- Compact design
Femtosecond Phase Stabilization Units (XPS-800 and APS-800)
The precise control of the shortest time events ever created by scientists has been achieved by combining the expertise of ultrafast laser physics with our frequency comb technology. Our product line allows the generation of trains of absolutely identical ultrashort laser pulses. The technique has been recognized as enabling technology for the era of attophysics - new phenomena like the control of electronics on attosecond time scales are no longer science fiction.
Control strong field processes in extreme nonlinear optics
High harmonic attosecond pulse generation
In use at the forefront of research in phase stabilization
During amplification of phase stabilized femtosecond pulses, slow carrier-envelope phase drifts occur. The Menlo Systems APS-800 is used to monitor and stabilize this phase relation after the amplifier. The APS-800 expands full phase control to the regime of high power optical pulses used in todays most demanding experiments of attophysics and related areas.
Control strong field processes in extreme nonlinear optics
harmonic attosecond pulse generation
Phase sensitive experiments
Optical Frequency Synthesizers (FC-1500/FC-8004)
Optical Frequency Synthesizers have led to spectacular advances in the field of metrology by enabling scientists to examine the frequency of light with greater precision than ever before. Our systems are widely used throughout the world of research and applied science - measuring optical frequencies from the visible to the infrared at the 10 -14 level has become routine. Our expertise in metrology is enabling us to tailor our patented frequency comb technology for the demands of todays high precision measurements.
Measures/generates optical frequencies in the near infrared spectral region with unprecedented accuracy and stability.
Optical Frequency Comb Generation. Provides 500,000 precise laser lines with variable spacing.
The FC-1500 multiplies a radio frequency reference into the optical region.
Metrology (optical clockwork)
Precision spectroscopy (optical reference in the range 400 - 1200nm)
Product Characteristics
Measures and synthesizes any optical frequency in the visible and near-infrared
Highest accuracy and flexibility