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The Dragon : Multipass Ti:sapphire, Femtosecond Amplifier
Employs cryogenic crystal cooling, exclusively licensed by KMLabs.
Installed by a KMLabs expert. Requires minimal or no daily adjustment.
Sub-30 fs pulse duration. 1-15 kHz, repetition-rate.
3mJ per pulse (with appropriate pump laser).
7 Watts average power (with appropriate pump laser).
Chinook & MTS: Ti:sapphire, Femtosecond Modelocked Laser
Our newest and most compact ti:sapphire laser: 61x23cm (24" x9").
Sub-12 to 50 fs pulse duration: user-adjustable via computer control.
750 to 840 nm center wavelength: user-adjustable via computer control.
4.5 to 6.0 nJ per pulse.
90 to 100MHz repetition rate: user-adjustable.
Bandwidths greater than 65nm FWHM are guaranteed.
Sturdy and compact construction. Very stable and easy to use.
The MTS has the same specs as the Chinook™, except the footprint is: 83x27cm.

Laser Options
Kit version

:Long wavelength laser (875nm center).
:Guarantees bandwidths supporting sub-10fs pulses.
:Assembly required. Excellent for undergraduate teaching labs.
 Contact KMLabs about lower repetition rates, down to approx. 62MHz.
Cascade : Cavity Dumped Ti:sapphire, Femtosecond Laser
Greater than 30nJ per pulse, sub-15fs pulse duration.
Repetition rate is user-adjustable between 80kHz and 2MHz.
Dual-mode operation: modelocked or cavity-dumped operation, or both
Compact (83x27cm), very stable and easy to use.
Halcyon : Repetition Rate Stabilized Ti:sapphire, Femtosecond Laser
Jitter guaranteed to be below 200fs, below 100fs is typical.
Provides fine (piezo) and course (motor) cavity length control.
Provides feedback cavity temperature control.
Provide lock to user-provided RF source.
Bandwidth, and energy specifications are equal to the Chinook parameters.
Tresltes Series Lasers
- Trestles mode-locked femtosecond Ti:sapphire lasers have been designed as low-cost and reliable devices
    for ultrafast applications or for seeding Ti:sapphire amplifier systems.
Mavericks Series Lasers
- The femtosecond Cr:forsterite laser system is a mode-locked ultrashort laser producing pulses in near
    infrared ~1250 nm range.
Giga Optics's Femtosecond Laser Oscillators
  - GIGAJET 20 - 500 MHz or 1 GHz repetition rate
- GIGAJET 20c - tunable from 750 - 850 nm
- GIGAJET 30 - 3 GHz repetition rate
- GIGAJET 30s - sub 15-fs pulses
- NEW - GIGAJET TWIN - dual 500 MHz or 1 GHz oscillator