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We are able to write following fiber grating products using holographic phase mask and ebeam phase mask. We have many fiber gratings at our inventory. Please visit our website from time to time. Customer could get some discount when purchasing gratings from our fiber grating inventory.

Now we offer high power fiber Bragg gratings to our customers. High power fiber Bragg grating is made with our new technology of "Tough FBG". High power fiber Bragg gratings can stand high optical power or high temperature without any degrade of its performance like reflectivity, bandwidth, and center wavelength. High power fiber Bragg gratings can be used in high power fiber laser, wavelength locker for high power laser diode, high temperature fiber sensor

1. Fiber Sensor Grating
2. Laser Diode Stabilizer (wavelength locker, with or without Lensed Fiber)
3. DWDM Fiber Grating
4. Dispersion Compensation Fiber Grating
5. Customer Fiber Grating
6. Fiber Grating Array ( Multi fiber gratings)
7. Gain Flattening Filter Based on Bragg Grating
8. C-Band Reflector
9. Tunable Fiber Grating
10. Long Period Grating Product