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Nufern manufactures a broad range of specialty optical fiber. From photosensitive fibers to rad-hard fibers and high-power
double-clad fibers, youcan entrust Nufern to produce optical fiber with the highest standards for quality, reliability, and repeatability.
Erbium-Doped Erbium-Doped fibers are designed for use in single and multi-channel C- and L-band
amplifiers and ASE sources and small form factor devices.

EDFC-980-HP | EDFL-980-HP | PM-ESF-7/125
Erbium/Ytterbium Erbium/Ytterbium co-doped double-clad fibers deliver industry leading tolerances on key spectroscopic parameters ensuring the essential lot-to-lot reproducibility required for
volume manufacturing of high power CATV and telecom optical amplifiers.

SM-EYDF-7/130 | PM-EYDF-18/250
Gyroscope Panda-style PM Gyroscope fibers have extremely high birefringence and exceptionally
tight dimensional control, attributes critical for manufacturing high-precision,
high-performance fiber coils for fiber optic gyroscope applications.

PM850G-80 | PM1300G-80 | PM1550G-80
Neodymium-Doped Neodymium doped PM-double clad fiber is specifically designed for efficient single mode operation around 1060 nm when cladding pumped at 808nm.

Photosensitive Photosensitive fibers exhibit uniform and controlled photosensitivity to conventional UV
radiation techniques and are available in a wide range of photosensitive levels.

CMF - Cladding Mode Free | CMO - Cladding Mode Offset | CMS2 - Cladding Mode Supressed | GF1B - Low Loss | GF1 - General Purpose | GF1AA - General Purpose
GF3 -General Purpose | PS-PM980 | PS1060
Polarization Maintaining
Designed for use at 1550, 14XX, 1300 and 980 nm, these fibers are used in all PM applications throughout the telecomm arena.

PM460 & PM630-HP | PM780-HP | PM980-HP | PM1300-HP | PM14XX-HP | PM1550-HP
PM980C-HP Coupler Fiber | PM14XXC-HP Coupler Fiber
Power Delivery Specialty multimode step-index
fibers are designed for compatibility with the majority of fiber-coupled, single-emitter, diode-laser packages and support the diode laser power
delivery market. These power delivery fibers are available in 105/125 and 200/220 core/clad
ratios in low and high NA versions.

MM-S105/125 | MM-S200/220
RGB RGB fibers are available in both germanium-doped and pure core silica versions. They
have low attenuation and are offered in wavelengths as low as 400 nm.

405-HP | S405 | 460-HP | PM460 & PM630-HP | 630-HP | S630
Specialty multimode fibers are designed for high performance in extreme temperatures
and harsh environments. Radiation resistant versions also available.

GI62.5/125S | GI100/140P
specialty single-mode fibers operate from 405nm to 1550 nm and higher. These fibers are designed for use in telecommunications, visible-wavelength, RGB and short-wavelength applications.

460-HP | 630-HP | 780-HP | 980-HP | 1060-XP | 1310-HP-80 | 1310B-HP/1310-HP-V0
1550B-HP | PWG1-XP | UHNA1 | UHNA3 | UHNA4
Thulium-Doped Thulium-doped double-clad fiber utilizes a glass composition specifically optimized for
highly efficient operation around the important 2㎛ eyesafe wavelength when pumped
at ~793 nm.

Ytterbium-Doped Yb-doped double-clad fibers achieve near quantum limited power conversion for use in
industrial, military, medical and telecom applications.

YDF-5/130 | YDF-7/210 | YDF-10/400 | YDF-15/130 | PLMA-YTF-20/300/330
YDF-20/400 | YDF-30/250 | YDF-30/400 | YSF-LO
Polyimide Coated Polyimide Coated Single-Mode Fiber is designed for optical sensor and datacom
systems where the fiber may experience extreme temperatures or be exposed to harsh
environments. The fiber has a nominal clad diameter of 125 μm and a polyimide coating
diameter of 155 μm. The fiber has been engineered such that the mode field diameter
accurately matches standard SMF for easy splicing.

Bend Insensitive bend insensitive fibers are designed for improved bend performance in reduced radius
applications. The fibers employ a moderately higher numerical aperture (NA) than
standard single-mode telecom fibers. The moderate NA delivers lower bend loss at 1550, 1310 and 780 nm without significantly affecting splicing performance. Higher numerical
aperture fibers are available upon request.

UV-VIS Single-Mode
NUV-320-K1 fiber is designed for single mode operation in the near ultra-violet region.
The single mode design makes this fiber ideal for an array of fiber optic probes used in a variety of UV-VIS spectroscopy applications such as color monitoring, film thickness,
chemical and nuclear processing, pharmaceuticals, emission monitoring and other
applications in the near UV spectrum.

Step Index Multi-Mode
This grade of fiber has a transmission range of 190 nm to 1.6 μm and is ideal for UV
microscopy, spectrophotometic studies and photochemical analysis applications.