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Our company specialize in the design and manufacture of precision optical components and assemblies. As described in the Custom Optics, we have strong capability to design and fabricate custom made optics with variously Optical Materials. Thousands of custom made optical components and assemblies are delivered every years.
Ball Lens Laser Line Generator Laser Grade Dispersion Prism
Half Ball Lens Laser Input Coupler Laser Grade Pellin-Broca Prism
Rod Lens Laser Output Coupler Laser Grade Right Angle Prism
Beam Expander Gold Grating for Near-IR Glan-Laser Polarizer
Tunable Waveplate Dual-Wave Plate Multiphase Plate
Glan-Taylor Polarizer    
Now we can provide all kinds of coatings as follows:
Antireflective Coatings Partial Reflective Coatings
Single Layer MgF2 AR Coatings (SAR) Single Wavelength Band PR Coatings (SPR)
Multilayer AR Coatings (VAR) Broadband PR Coatings (BPR)
Broadband Multilayer AR Coatings (WAR)  
Dual Wavelength Band AR Coatings (DAR)  
Beamsplitter Coatings High Reflective Coatings
Laser Line Polarization Beamsplitter Coatings (LPS) Dielectric High Reflective Coatings (DHR)
Broadband Polarization Beamsplitter Coatings (BPS) Metallic High Reflective Coatings (MHR)
Dichroic Beamsplitters Mirrors Coatings (DBS) Diode Pumped Laser Optics Coatings (DPC)
See Technique:
Transmission curve Optical Material IR material