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F-theta Scan Lens for CO2 Laser - Single element
F-theta Scan Lens for CO2 Laser - Double element
F-theta Scan Lens for Nd:YAG, Green, UV Laser

Beam Expander for CO2 Laser
Zoom 2-8x CO2 Beam Expander
Beam Expander for Nd:YAG, Green, UV Laser
Zoom 2-8x Beam Expander for Nd:YAG

Scanning Mirror
Telecentric Scan Lens

F-theta scan lenses are rugged single and double elements and designed for CO2, Nd:YAG, Green, UV laser system that employ X-Y galvo scanning mirrors. The lenses are widely used in fields such as engraving and marking application.
Beam expanders consist two or more elements which change the size and angular divergence characteristics of a beam passing through it. Beam expanders can be used such as 1) By expanding a beam prior to focusing, smaller spot size can be achieved. 2) Improving a beam's collimation. 3) By using it in opposite direction, beam expander can reduce the beam diameter which is useful in some of the acousto-or electro-optic modulator application.
Beam expander are widely used in industrial laser marking/engraving and cutting system where the requirement to the laser beam quality is very critical.
We offer industrial standard beam expander for CO2, Nd:YAG, Green, UV laser system.
Zoom 2-8x Beam Expander, It is specially designed to cater for the various fixed magnification of 2x and up to 8x. It consists of adjustable divergence. These beam expanders are primarily intended for CO2, Nd:YAG laser. They offer diffraction-limited performance at 10.6um, 1064nm wavelength.
Scanning mirrors are used for high speed two-axis laser scanner system.
The dimension of each mirror have been calculated to allow for scanning of a laser beam at up to 25 degrees off-axis.
The mirrors have high reflectivity and so may be safe at high powers.
Telecentric Scan Lens for 10.6um/9.4um/1064nm/532nm/355nm/266nm