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GRIN Lens & GRIN Lens Systems
The optical power of GRIN-lenses is achieved by a refractive index profile fabricated by ion exchange in glass. Our unique silver exchange technology provides non-toxic micro lenses having typical dimensions from 200 μm to 2 mm and excellent optical performance. The single lenses have diffraction limited numerical apertures up to 0.5. The flat optical surfaces enable an easy assembly to micro-optical lens systems tailored to your specific requirements.

1. GRIN Lens
- Rod Lenses for Fiber Coupling and Laser Diode Beam Shaping
- Objective lenses for endoscopy
- Cylindrical Lenses for Beam Shaping of Laser Diodes

2. GRIN Lens and Lens Systewms for Imaging Optics
- Objective Lenses for Imaging Optics
- Lens Systems for Endoscopy

3. GRIN Lens Systems for MEDICAL application
- OCT and Confocal Imaging
- High-NA Objective for 2-Photon Microscopy
- High-NA Objective for Flurescence Microscopy

4. GRIN Assemblies
- Fiber Assemblies
- GRIN Assemblies

5.GRIN Lens Systems for Laser Diode Beam shaping
- GRIN Line Optic Generator