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  Mirror & Window   Scan Lens, Mirror   Femtoline Optics  Waveplate & Filter
  Microlens Array   GRIN Lens   Crystalline Mirrors  Crystals
Femtosecond optics & Crystals
mirrors, windows, lenses, polarizing optics, laser prisms, laser crystals and nonlinear crystals for femtosecond applications. Especially for femtosecond Ti:Sapphire and Yb:KGW lasers fundamental and harmonic wavelengths.

1. Femtosecond Optics
- Laser Line Mirror
- Dual Line Laser Mirror
- Broadband Ultrafast Ti:Sapphire Laser Mirror
- Laser Harmonic Separator
- Laser Output Coupler
- Laser Rear Mirror
- Laser Beamsplitter
- Laser Dispersing Prism
- Thin Film Laser Polarizer
- Waveplate
- Polarization Plan Rotator
2. Femtsecond Crystals
- Ti:Sapphire Laser Line and Harmonics
- Thin BBO Crystals for SHG and THG of Ti:Sapphire Laser Wavelength
- Thin AgGaS2 Crystals for DFG => 2.5-1.3um
- Yb:KGW and Yb:KYW Crystals Laser Line and Harmonics
- BBO and LBO Crystals for SHG of Yb:KGW/KYW Laser Frequency Conversion