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Microlens Array

Ideal for Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Sensors Plano-Convex Aspherical Lens Shape Fused Silica 10 mm x 10 mm Array Size AR Coated (MLA150-7AR) or Chrome Mask (MLA150-5C) High-Quality Microlens Array Square Grid Arrangement of Microlenses Nearly Refraction Limited Spot Size High Spot to Background Contrast

A microlens array used in conjunction with a CCD array can constitute the core of a Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor. As seen from the figure below, a planar wavefront that is transmitted through a microlens array and imaged on a CCD sensor will form a regular pattern of bright spots. If, however, the wavefront is distorted, the light imaged on the CCD sensor will consist of some regularly spaced spots mixed with displaced spots and missing spots. This information can be used to calculate the shape of the wavefront that was incident on the microlens array. Shack- Hartmann type wavefront sensors can be used to characterize the performance of optical systems. In addition, they are increasingly used in applications where real-time monitoring of the wavefront is used to control an adaptive optic with the intent of removing the wavefront distortion before creating an image.