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Lens Material Illustration Property & Application
Plano- Convex BK7
Fused Silica
Positive focus length. Most suitable where one
conjugate is more than five times the other, e.g. in
sensor application or for use with near collimated light.
Also where both conjugates are on the same side of
the lens, e.g. as an add-on lens to increase the
numerical aperture.
Double-Convex BK7 Fused Silica Most suitable where the conjugates are on opposite
sides of the lenses and the ratio of the distances is
less than 5:1, e.g. as simple image relay components.
Plano-Concave BK7
Fused Silica Sapphire
Negative lens with the form most suitable where one
conjugates is more than five times the other, e.g.
producing divergent light from a collimated input beam.
Double-Concave BK7
Fused Silica
Negative lens with the form most suited to producing
diverging light or a virtual image, where the input light is
Meniscus BK7 Positive These lenses may be used to increase the numerical
aperture of a positive lens assembly, without an undue
increase in the aberrations.
BK7 Negative The best lens form where one conjugates is relatively
far from the lens or where both conjugates are the
same size of the lens.
Cylindrical BK7
Fused Silica
Used to provide focusing power in one section only.
For illumination or detection of light from line sources.
Also used to anamorphic compression of beams and
Achromatic Combinations of Two Optical Grade
These lenses have considerably reduced values of
spherical aberration. Coma and chromatic aberration.
Best used to replace single components where
performance must be improved.
Ring Mount for
Black Anodized
Used to fix position of lenses.