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Eyewear Windows & Sheets Barriers Training Laser Safety
Trinity has a wide variety of laser safety eyewear and styles to meet any laser requirement or application. Our frames styles include goggles, spectacles, wrap around, and clip on loop filters. Click here to see our selection of stock filters and frames. Custom filters available as well to meet you unique laser protection needs. Our laser safety windows/sheets come in a variety of materials and sizes to facilitate your laser viewing needs. They are also orderable framed, unframed, and in custom sizes. We have a complete line of laser-safe barriers, enclosures and curtain systems. Rolling curtain, fixed wall and portable system configurations are available. Our variety of materials offer you a range of laser damage thresholds to meet your needs. Trinity Technologies offers laser safety training in safety awareness, LSO training, and medical laser safety on site. Add a complete set of laser safety publications to your organizations current library including current ANSI standards and basic knowledge guides.
Radiation Safety Eyewear
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