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sensL produce low light detection solutions for customers based on their proprietary silicon detector fabrication process. These are developed to provide the highest uniformity, lowest operating voltage, and best mix of price and performance in the industry.

sensL produces its novel detector technology in a variety of formats from 1mm to 3mm diameter silicon die and incorporates these die into our industry leading arrays. sensL's flexible technology allows for a variety of products to be developed and brought to the market to provide the greatest degree of flexibility to our customers. To aid our customers in the adoption and integration of our technology sensL have developed a full range of products and services which allow our customers to quickly evaluate, integrate and go to market. This intimate knowledge of detector technology combined with our close relationship with our customers has lead to a range of readout and digitization architectures which can be rapidly deployed.

Measurement Instruments:
The High Resolution Timing module is the flagship product in this category. sensL has also identified the need for an OEM option...

Silicon Photomultipliers:
sensL offers the world's first direct replacement for linear Photomultiplier Tubes (PMTs). The sensL Silicon Photomultiplier is based...

Photon Counting Systems:
sensL’s high performance photon counting devices allow ease of integration combined with compact and miniature form...