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* THz Generator

An IMPATT diode (IMPact ionization Avalanche Transit-Time) is a high-power diode used in microwave electronics and sub-THz devices. They operate at frequency range 3 - 400 GHz. Main advantage is their high-power capability and small size. The IMPATT diode operates over a narrow frequency band, and diode internal dimensions must correlate with the desired operating frequency.

TeraSense series of IMPATT diodes are silicon double drift diodes with a 0.6 um transit region, mounted on copper heat sink. The layers in double-drift diodes are: a heavily doped (p+)-region, a moderately doped pregion, a moderately doped n-region, and a heavily doped (n+)-region. The (p+)- and (n+)- regions allow ohmic electrical contacts to be made to the external circuit. The device relies on negative resistance to generate and sustain an oscillation.

- 80 - 120 GHz frequency range
- Typical output power 10 mW
- Low cost and compact
- 1 year warranty
- Customer focused solutions
- Add-ons with enhancements

IMPATT Diode Specifications
- 80 - 120 GHz frequency range.
- Available minimum output power 10 mW.
- Typical linewidth can be narrowed down to 1 MHz.
- Operating voltage range 15-16 V.
- Operating current 110 - 120 mA.
- Input power 2W (stable current source required, TeraSense-produced source is highly recommended)
- TTL Modulation option (1us rise/fall time) - available as add-on option
- Rigidly attached conical horn - available as add-on option
- High power option (>50 mW output rfpower) - available as add-on option
- 1 year warranty period.