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Optical Coherence Technology, invented in the early 1990s, has emerged as one of the most successful medical optics technologies ever offering fast, high-resolution diagnostic images for a variety of biomedical and industrial imaging applications. Till now, the market has been limited to time-domain OCT systems that are slow, expensive with limited resolution. OCT systems based on Fourier-domain or Spectral domain OCT technology promise to replace proprietary time-domain systems offering twice the resolution and 100 times the image-acquisition speed. The promise of SD-OCT has had to wait for the maturity of reliable, affordable components and sub-systems. Until now...

For the first time, a real-life spectrometer engine based on ruggedized, highly reliable, yet affordable optical components is available for FT/SD-OCT system integration. Borrowing from the telecom "boom and bust", provides a unique solutions featuring:

- Solid-state, No moving parts
- Hermetically sealed
- Ultra fast response time
- Low power consumption
- Compact "handheld" size
- Low cost of ownership

SD-OCT Spectrographs are compatible with the world's leading CCD and InGaAs detector array Camera manufacturers. As a convenience, BaySpec can offer SD-OCT Spectral Engines in a stand-alone Spectrograph offering or fully assembled and aligned with Camera of choice.