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The Mini is a compact standard autocorrelator for measuring the pulse duration of fs & ps laser system
with any repetition rate. It is available for different wavelength ranges, easy to adjust and to handle.

- Fs resolution
- Reflective optics
- Background free and interferometric ACF
- Display of autocorrelation halfwidth
- Data transfer via RS-232

Carpe is the first autocorrelator for microscope application.
While conventional instruments only define the laser pulse duration before the laser beam enters the microscope Carpe measures pulse duration at both the sample and at the input position. So it becomes possible to examine the influence of the microscope optics on ultrafast pulses and to optimize them at the relevant spot. This measurement is possible at large NA and immersion objectives. Furthermore, Carpe is also used for characterizing the wavelength of the laser beam. The compact instrument is just inserted into the beam between laser and microscope. It doesn't require any changes in the set up and doesn’t interfere with the measuring beam at all. Adjustment and menu controlled operation are very easy. The results are displayed at the electronics unit; the integrated interface also allows for data transmission to the PC.

The autocorrelator PulseCheck is a versatile instrument for measuring the pulse duration of different fs and ps laser systems;
it covers a broad wavelength range. Depending on the application there are a lot of additional options available. APE also offers customer specific modification. As with all of the APE autocorrelators the PulseCheck is easy to install and to be operated.

- Fs resolution
- Reflective optics
- Background free and interferometric ACF
- PC interface
- Wide measuring range
- Display of autocorrelation halfwidth

The PulseCheck can be upgraded with a FROG- and a spectrometer option

The SPIDER is a system for phase sensitive pulse measurement.
Based on the patented process of Spectral Phase Interferometry for Direct Electric Field Reconstruction it provides information not only about spectral and time resolved intensity but also about the phase of ultrafast laser pulses. The advantage over similar systems is the noniterative algorithm that allows for real-time measurement. Accordingly, the SPIDER is an ideal adjustment tool for complex laser systems and a highly sensitive measurement device at the same time. It is delivered as a calibrated system complete with hardware and software.

- Real-time measurement of phase and intensity profile of fs pulses
- Ideal for laser oscillators and amplifier systems
- PC-controlled
- Single shot capability

The new LX SPIDER is a compact and robust instrument for complete spectral and temporal characterization of femtosecond laser pulses.
Based on a patented technology using a single crystal to up-convert the two test pulse replicas and to introduce the spectral shear without the need for an additional chirped pulse, LX SPIDER measures the spectral amplitude and phase using the SPIDER principle. From the spectral quantities the temporal amplitude and phase are derived in real-time. Due to the drastically simplified set-up LX SPIDER is smaller than a shoe box, while easy to align and operate. The automatic calibration feature reduces the scan of the calibration trace to a click on a button with time consumption of a few seconds. Offering real-time operation LX SPIDER is the ideal tool for adjustment of complex ultrafast arrangements like amplifiers and pulse compressors. The system comes ready to use eith required software.

- Compact and robust design
- Easy alignment
- Real-time operstion
- Fully automatic
- Single shot capability

WaveScan is an easy to use, cost-effective device for spectral analysis of cw and modelocked laser systems.
While offering fast measurement with high resolution it is also an ideal adjustment tool because of its high scan rates. WaveScan is available in different versions covering scan ranges from 250 to 2600 nm.

- Controller with integrated LCD monitor
- RS-232 interface
- Fibre input optionalCompact design
- Compact design