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Single-Axis Modules SCANLAB's industry-proven galvanometer scanners and servo amplifiers are the core components for reliable laser positioning systems.
XY Scan Modules This combination of two single-axis modules enables the deflection of laser beams in two dimensions.
SCANcube 7
SCANcube 10
Scan heads of this series integrate all scan components in a sealed ultra-compact housing.
hurrySCAN® II 7
hurrySCAN® 10/14
hurrySCAN® II 10/14
SCANgine® 10/14
Featuring a uniform housing format, these compatible scan heads enable a broad range of applications. They deliver excellent dynamics and superior product quality. The hurrySCAN® II 7 utilizes SCANLAB's new-generation dynAXIS® XS.
intelliSCAN® 10 Scan heads of this series are equipped with an innovative fully digital servo electronics. Advanced status signals create new control and remote-diagnosis possibilities.
hurrySCAN® 20/25
hurrySCAN® 30
Maximum dynamic performance and high laser power capability are delivered by these compatible scan heads. Their innovative design also includes air and water cooling.
powerSCAN 30/50/70 Scan systems of this product line enable new applications in the multi-kW laser power range. Large working fields and volumes are achievable together with small spot diameters. The modular design of powerSCAN 50 and 70 allows easy exchange of individual components.
varioSCAN 20/40/60/80
varioSCAN FC
These focusing units dynamically vary the focal length and thereby extend XY scan heads into versatile 3D beam deflection systems. The varioSCANFLEX enables a continuous variation of the image field size. For fiber-coupled lasers, SCANLAB offers the varioSCAN FC.
PC Interface boards
SCANLAB's RTC¢ç interface boards are easy-to-use solutions for controlling laser scan systems. Simple software commands enable the RTC¢ç boards to achieve synchronized, real-time control of scan systems and lasers.
RTC® SCANalone no PC required