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Fiber Optic Products PROVIDED BY SKP


Using our advanced FBG writing technologies with holographic phase mask and ebeam phase mask, we are able to write many different types of fiber Bragg grating(FBG) such as the following listed products.
We aim to provide our customers with state-of-the-art fiber sensing and optical signal shaping technology solutions. We offer a variety of different Fiber Bragg Grating products including Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors, Chirped FBG and FBG Filters. Our products can be used in a variety of different industries, and are designed to make handling and installation fast, easy and intuitive.

  - Custom made Fiber bragg Gratings
  - High-Power Fiber Bragg Gratings
  - Narrow Linewidth Passband Fibre Grating Filtre
  - DWDM Fibre Grating Product
  - Gain Flattening Filtre Fibre Grating
  - Pulse Stretching and Recompressing Fiber Bragg Grating
  - Dispersion Compensation Fibre Bragg Grating
  - Fibre Grating Array (Multi fiber gratings)
  - Tunable Fibre Grating

● Features

  ● Custom specification
  ● Large wavelength range
  ● Precise center wavelength matching
  ● High power hamdling

● Applications

  ● Telecommunication
  ● Biomedical
  ● Industrial
  ● Research
  ● High-power fiber laser
  ● Non-linear optics

● Specifications

Parameter Value Unit
Model Uniform FBG Chiped FBG -
Center Wavelength 450 ~ 2800nm nm
CWL Tolerance ± ≥0.05 nm
Bandwidth 0.01 - 4 0.5 - 100 nm
FWHM tolerance ± ≥ 0.05 ± ≥ 0.5 nm
Reflectivity 1 - >99.9 %
% Tolerance standard ± 5% , min 1% -
Power handling * 500 mW
Fiber Type SMF, PMF, Double Cladding, Active Fiber, ATN fiber, LMA fiber -
Packaging None, Athermal, Stainless Steel -
Pigtail Type Bare Fiber, 900 um Tubbing, 3 mm Tubbing -
Side lobe suppresion 10 - 35 dB
Fiber Length ** custom length -
* Indicated power handling can be increased up to 10 W with low index Recoating
** If not specified standard is 1m

● You can also specify additional options from this list when ordering.

Specification Option If not specified
Recoating None / Acrylate / Low index None
Package None /Steel tubing / High power / Athermal None
Connectors None / FC/PC FC/APC None
Pigtail type Bare fiber / 900µm tubing / 3mm cable Bare fiber
Fiber length Custom ~ 1M
SLSR Custom ~ 10dB